Best Available Control Technology

‘Best Available Control Technology’ is an American pollution control standard managed by the clean air act and administered by the Environmental protection Agency(EPA). These BACT standards or rules decide the control technologies to control and decrease the harmful emissions from vehicles and industries to a specific limit.

BACT considers many factors before deciding the precautions like energy consumption, total source emission, environmental effect, and the emission control result.

Best Available Control Technology

The regulations and the standards of BACT apply to all the major sources of pollutants. BACT is established for the security of the environment and the people it is not broadly applicable it applies to each sector of pollution. If someone needs to build a diesel generator system at a place in the US they must get certified by the BACT to set up their industry.

BACT helps to keep the air clean and protects the air from excess harmful emissions. BACT sets emission limits for all industries and vehicles in the US. To prevent the risks to humans and the environment each region in the country is categorized as one of the 3 PSD areas in contact with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards(NAAQS).

  • Class-1 areas include parks and wilderness areas where only a little pollution of the air is allowed.
  • Class-2 areas allow moderate pollution to the air.
  • Class-3 areas are industrial areas where most of the emissions are allowed.

BACT not only protects the air it also protects human lives from different respiratory diseases caused by harmful gases. BACT is also responsible for the decrease of ozone layer depletion and makes the earth a safer place to live in.

BACT  improves air quality by setting some rules and regulations for industries and vehicles. BACT should certify the industries when they need to move from one place to another if they are setting up an industry in a place where the air quality is already poor then NSR(New Source Review) will not permit them to set up. Also in good air quality areas, NSR won’t permit the establishment of industries that cause more damage to the air.


  • BACT improves the quality of air.
  • BACT decreases pollution.
  • BACT improves the health of humans and increases the number of animals and birds.
  • BACT protects the ozone layer
  • BACT is protecting the monuments from losing their glossiness like the Taj Mahal.


There are no disadvantages with the BACT, the only problem is if there are not enough industries the production will decrease and may not be able to meet the needs of the growing population so the industries should also follow some precautions to decrease emissions into the air.


We can say that the BACT to the emission is like the police to the thief which always tries to prevent its emission and keeps the environment air pollution free. So everyone must follow BACT rules and should decrease the usage of vehicles and switch to electric vehicles which reduces the emission and fuel.

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