Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers 2023

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers 2023: Riding motorcycles provide immense enjoyment, but it also comes with the potential for accidents. Motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries for riders and passengers, often far more serious than typical car accidents. While car accidents might be minor “fender benders,” motorcycle accidents frequently lead to hospitalizations for fractured bones, lacerations, and more critical injuries.

In the unfortunate event that you are injured in a motorcycle accident, the compensation you receive largely depends on the expertise and skills of the motorcycle accident lawyer you choose to represent you. This article aims to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision and help you locate an attorney who can secure the maximum compensation for your injuries.


Becoming an attorney is a rigorous process. After completing law school, aspiring lawyers must pass the bar examination to demonstrate their legal knowledge. Additionally, there are background checks and character investigations to ensure the applicant’s moral integrity. Those who successfully complete this process are admitted to the bar, granting them the legal authority to practice within their respective state.

Before hiring a lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim, consider these three essential factors:

1. Location:  You may come across advertisements for motorcycle accident lawyers, some of whom may practice in other states or distant parts of your state. Out-of-state firms often refer your case to local firms, limiting your say in choosing your attorney. Opting for a lawyer within your city or county ensures representation by someone well-versed in local court procedures and familiar with the judges.

2. Specialization: Many lawyers and law firms handle a wide range of legal areas, including real estate, criminal defense, wills, estates, and personal injury. An attorney who occasionally handles motorcycle cases may not possess the same level of expertise as one who exclusively focuses on personal injury law. To assess a lawyer’s practice, ask questions about the percentage of their caseload dedicated to motorcycle law.

3. Reputation and Experience: Compare several attorneys to find one who meets your criteria for handling your motorcycle claim effectively.


The pool of potential attorneys to choose from for your motorcycle accident claim is extensive. In the United States, there are approximately 1.3 million lawyers, with nearly 170,000 practicing in California. Though only a fraction of them specialize in motorcycle law, it can still be overwhelming to make a selection. Here are some ways to narrow down your search:

Friends and Relatives: Reach out to friends or family members who may have used the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Lawyer Referral: If you’ve worked with an attorney for other legal matters, they might be able to recommend a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident claims.

Bar Associations: State and local bar associations typically offer lawyer referral services. For instance, The State Bar of California provides a statewide list of local attorney referral services organized by county.

Google Search:  Conduct a Google search by typing “motorcycle accident lawyer” and your location. However, be prepared to sift through results to identify the most suitable firms and attorneys.

Lawyer Directories: Online lawyer directories like Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo can help you find lawyers based on their areas of practice. These directories often include client and peer reviews and attorney ratings.


Once you’ve compiled a list of lawyers who meet your location and practice area criteria, it’s time to select the right attorney for your motorcycle accident case. The most effective way to do this is by conducting interviews with each lawyer.

Most lawyers offer free consultations, so schedule appointments with several from your list. Prepare for these meetings by gathering essential documents that can provide the lawyer with information about the accident and your injuries. These documents may include:

– Police reports of the accident

– Photographs of the accident scene, vehicles, and your injuries

– Medical reports explaining your injuries

– Records detailing your regular wages and time lost from work due to the accident


During the interview, aim to learn as much as possible about the lawyer. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, including:

– How long has the attorney been practicing law?

– What percentage of their practice is dedicated to motorcycle law?

– Will the attorney personally handle your case?

– How many motorcycle accident cases similar to yours have they handled?

– What percentage of their motorcycle accident cases result in settlements?

While it’s common for motorcycle accident cases to end in settlements, it’s crucial to consider the attorney’s reputation as a trial attorney. An attorney who exclusively settles cases might be excellent, but it could also indicate a preference for quick settlements over pursuing a trial when necessary to maximize client recovery.

A competent motorcycle accident lawyer should have experience conducting trials on behalf of accident victims. Building a reputation as a skilled trial attorney can influence claims adjusters’ willingness to settle cases. Adjusters who know that an attorney lacks recent trial experience may be inclined to offer lower settlements, assuming the attorney won’t push for a trial.


Your family’s financial well-being is on the line when you’re injured and unable to work. An attorney specializing in motorcycle law can allow you to focus on your recovery while they handle negotiations with the insurance company and the negligent party to secure the compensation you deserve. Conduct thorough research and reach out to a lawyer today to make an informed decision regarding your motorcycle accident claim.

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