What is an Information System

Do you want to know what is information systems and their uses? Then this article is made for you. Here you will learn what are the applications and the definitions of information systems.

The information system is a kind of communication system which provides a link between the computer and the human. The information system is a combination of components for collecting, storing, processing, and representing the data to the users.

What is an Information System

The Information systems contribute knowledge or useful information to the industries or organizations related to their business firms. Information systems are devoted to the processing, producing, and publishing of data.

The Information system consists of four main components like people, tasks, structure, and technology. Information systems take the tasks by the people and process them according to the user requirement following a structure and producing the outcome in the form of knowledge, and data to the user.

Information systems help organizations or industries in decision-making and support them in operations and management. An information system is a way through which people interact with technology. Information systems contain information communication technologies(ICT). An information system is an informal language that is used for business needs by industries and other organizations.

The components that must be included to produce information systems are:


Hardware refers to machinery and equipment. Hardware is the components that can be seen externally and can be felt by the sense of touching. Hardware in the case of an information system is a computer, which includes both input and output components. Input components include a keyboard, and pen drives and the output components include a monitor, printer, and scanners. So all these hardware components are much important to process the software inside it.


The term software refers to the internal programs and manuals that are embedded into the hardware of the system. Software programs are the machine language instructions that instruct the systems to perform the required actions.


The data is the matter that is used by the computer software and processes that data and produces the output as some useful information. The data will be in computer-readable format on the desk until the system uses it.


Procedures are the set of instructions or rules that govern or control the operations of an information system. “Procedures are for humans just like software is for hardware”, This is the policy in use for procedures.


People are the important element for the success of systems. Systems not only need software but also need something that repairs them and provides them some tasks to perform which are called people

Internet :

TheInternet acts as the bridge between hardware and the people. Internet converts the data into information by processing it.information system is also called a computer information system.

Characteristics of information system:

  • It is used to collect and store Data or information.
  • Information system is a formal language when used to process the data and an informal language when pencil and pen are used.
  • It consists of data to create a database.
  • It produces secured processing of data.
  • It must be evaluated or observed frequently to correct the errors.
  • Every information system has some essential internal processes they are:
  • Data storage
  • Data processing
  • Data collection
  • Data representation
  • Information distribution

The main applications of information systems are:

  • Manages, and organizes the data
  • Stores and collects a large amount of data
  • Performs different operations on the input data
  • Helps the organizations with the decision making
  • Controls all the activities and operations within the industries or companies.
  • Have many competitive advantages.

The advantages of information systems are:

  • The information systems reduce the cost of labor
  • Information systems perform tasks on time and efficiently.
  • They have many advantages in the competitive world like decision making, problem-solving, and storing of data.
  • An information system can provide solutions to any kind of problem and satisfy its customers with its performance and reliability.


As mentioned above information system has many advantages, one can use it effectively if she/he has a basic idea about the technology. Information systems have a key role in business-related issues related to companies. The information system provides knowledge-based information to the user which is useful. Information system has a major influence on the improvement of technology.  So one must use the information system wisely for the development of the country not to destroy the economy of country.

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