What are Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are technologies whose popularity and applications are unrealized. what are emerging technologies?. These are technologies that are rapidly establishing their rule in the market. Many developments are happening in the technologies nowadays all these developments and updates are the reasons for the emerging new technologies.

Emerging technology can be best defined as the technology that gained the fastest growth and had a prominent effect on society in a very shorter time. The examples of emerging technology are:

  • Educational technology
  • Information technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotics and
  • Artificial intelligence

What are Emerging Technologies

Let us just discuss a few of the emerging technologies :

1.Education technology:

The education sector involves both the hardware and the software which is called the embedded system to work out the things and run the machines. Emerging technologies like AI and ML had much impact on the education system positively as well as negatively.

2.Information technology:

IT technology is the booming technology in the industry that uses the computer to collect, store, process, and produce output. There are many emerging technologies happening in the IT sector like machine learning, virtual reality, edge computing, etc making IT much more popular and useful.


Nanotechnology is the study of matter involved in atoms, molecules, and supramolecules. The atomic study involves many principles and theorems like quantum theories, Aufbau principles, Hund’s rule, etc. As every matter in the world is made of molecules and the molecules are made of atoms the study of nanotechnology is very useful to know about the behavior and the properties of matter.


Biotechnology is the study of the combination of both natural sciences and engineering sciences and finally bringing out the result. It is related to life as bio means life.


Robotics is the study of robots the artificial intelligence created by humans is a booming technology now which is established and emerged as one of the top technologies that every country is focusing on.

Advantages of Emerging Technologies:

  • Emerging technologies simplified human life.
  • Technology is the knowledge that everyone can learn from others.
  • Emerging technologies connect people far away from each other(social media).
  • Emerging technology entertains you well(games, movies).
  • Emerging technology gives you wonderful virtual experiences(virtual reality).
  • Emerging technology decreases your physical life and makes your life easier(AI).

Disadvantages of Emerging Technologies:

  • Everything depends on us so technology also depends on the way how you use it.
  • Internet had disadvantages of theft of our data.
  • Technology just degrading the personal life of an individual.
  • Studying online is the most difficult thing for the students as they attract to the entertainment on the internet rather than knowledge.


Just like every aspect had advantages and disadvantages, technology also had its positive and negative face. But it’s our choice whether to look at good or bad. So everyone must develop awareness about the emerging technologies and their backdrops and learn to use them wisely.                      

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